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"Death," the second installment in the "Lucky 7" trilogy of EPs by Gasoline Lollipops, explores all things impermanent, including but not limited to death.


released October 31, 2014

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Andrew Gragg Lundsford at Kodiak Lake Studio in Ward, Colorado. All songs property of Gasoline Lollipops.



all rights reserved


Gasoline Lollipops Boulder, Colorado

Gasoline Lollipops is an alt-country band from Colorado that combines the sincerity of modern folk with the energy and rebelliousness of punk. The result is an all-new incarnation of alt-country that is both high-energy and heartfelt, like the American highway's soundtrack. ... more


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Track Name: Death
Hey there Mr. P.H.D. my pain is a mystery
can you use your therapy to tell me what is wrong with me?
Well now son, I need to know a little bit more about you so,
sit right there if you would
and tell me ‘bout your childhood.

I remember the rain
on a sunny day
I remember the way it sounds
and I remember the road
and all the miles we drove
but I don’t remember where we were bound
and death was all around.

Come on, doc, don’t hesitate
I told you true so shoot me staight.
Oh, my God, I’m a real psycho
I just know you’re about to tell me so.
Hold on son, we’ve just begun
don’t go jumpin’ the proverbial gun
If you want to know what’s wrong
you gotta talk about your mom.

I remember her songs
moving through her pipe-organ veins
each time her heart beat pounded
And I remember her voice
like oak and abalone
made me cry, each time it sounded
and death was all around

Allright Doc, them’s the facts
I told you true so tell me flat
Oh my God, I’m gonna go to hell
tell my friends I said farewell
Hold on boy, I still need to know
a little bit more about you so,
Even though it might make you raw,
we got to talk about your pa

I remember feelin’ lost in that old graveyard
but just before I’d cry, he would appear
He taught me that even when he was near I was alone
and how not to fear the tombstone.

It’s true son, you’re pretty ill but take this pill and you’ll feel fine
and call me if you ever feel up or down
and now I’m livin’ life on a flat line
and I hardly ever notice that death, death, death,
death is still around.
Track Name: Devil's In the Ace

God is in the jack, the devil’s in the ace.
I’m a king bettin’ on his queen,
but a deuce took her place.
Now I’m on the run; the bookie’s makin’ chase.
I don’t know what I’m runnin’ from.
I’ll never leave this place.

All the dreams I ever had,
I drank and drowned within.
Now the bottle’s empty, though my head still spins,
and this room, and this world, and my friends and kin,
in a blaze of glory, then it’s dark again.

My heart is like a ghost town,
my veins are empty streets.
I’m a wedding gown after the great divorce.
I try to keep my head down and my mind off of defeat,
but the nightmares just come with greater force.

The church is always closed,
the graveyard’s ever open.
A steady flow of ghosts roll out like fog.
And all the wicked roads I chose
led me down to bein’ broken
where the wind beats you with the breath of God.

My halo flew to heaven, left me below.
But no one will ever know
because the angel in me never showed.
I’d be in with the devil if I could find those crossroads.

Show me a time that ain’t been laced with pain and cryin’.
Show me a soul that ain’t been riddled with stains and holes.
And I would show you to the devil
if I could find those crossroads.
Track Name: Failed Bed Frame

Sick in the head, from the heart, to the bed
I lie amidst the rubble of all the sweet things you said
Your perfume's on the pillow and your ring’s beside the sink
Your picture’s on the wall and inside everything I think

I won’t sleep tonight, I know
What the hell am I still doing here? There's nowhere else to go
Your silence kills more than your lies
So come on, put me out of my misery
I’m praying that you’re brave tonight

I want to tear this down so I can see
All that wide-open space where I used to be
I want to watch it burn, this failed bed frame
It never held us anyway and now it never will again

While you lie with your lover unaware of what you kill
I realize I’ve never seen you, now I know I never will
But I hope some day that you find your home
And maybe someday I’ll learn to live alone

If this ain’t enough what more could I do?
Everything I’ve ever loved now belongs to you.
What about the truth was so hard to face
That you’d rather leave me in this place?

I want to tear it down, so I can see
That wild open lover that I used to be
I want to watch it burn, this whole sick game
Along with your memory, your love for me, your face, your name...
Track Name: Fast Train

I have not been well
I’ve been drinkin’ too much whiskey
and thinkin’ too much hell
I just wanna be free
but I can’t deny the weight of these chains
bearing down on me.

Just give me a fast train the fuck outa here
give me a hard rain
make it all disappear.
I just wanna lay my head down
and sleep while I ride,
wake up when it’s over
over on the other side.

I’ve been sleeping under water
I can’t even hear her
I nearly forgot her
and I’m nothing but a masquerader
stealing life from my creator.
Track Name: The Shot

Met a greyhound girl in Davenport,
stayed up all night on speed.
Left her in Denver at daybreak
with more lies than she’ll ever need.

I combed my hair in a truckstop mirror
and swore to start over again,
but now that’s past, and it’s plain
that I’m just the same drunk rambler as I was back then.

So give me the shot to cure my pain
whether or not the cure and death are the same.
I wanna feel these dreams runnin’ in my vein
but first, give me the shot to kill my pain.

All my saviours must be stuck in traffic
and all my friends just keep buyin’ me drinks.
“I’m lookin’ for a sign, but none have passed yet,”
so I say, as I sink.

These states are no more than my footsteps,
these countries are no more than crimes.
All my dreams have borders,
I can’t live behind these lines.
Track Name: Nashville

I drove up I-65 to the downtown exit,
and I felt I had arrived.
I found myself walkin’ up 2nd Avenue.
I laid my case down at my feet,
and tucked in a doorway of that busy street.
I started playin’ and waitin’ for dreams to come true.
The water was high, and I could smell it from here,
and all the southern belles and the cheap beer.

The Bellsouth tower was silhouetted in black,
and aside from velvet thunder, it was the only thing with a color like that,
at least this close to the Wild Horse Saloon.
But that old muddy river continued to rise
as I played and was paid by the distaste in their eyes.
It must’ve been them old-timey tunes.

Nashville, who will save you from yourself
now that you’ve killed Hank Williams?

It hadn’t rained for over a week,
so noone could explain why the Cumberland was on Broadway Street
headin’ up to the Ryman Opry House,
but I heard Hank’s songs in the waves as they would break.
He was singin’ sad and sayin’ it was too late.
They’d already sold their souls off just like Faust.

Nashville, who will save you from yourself,
now that you’ve killed Hank Williams?
I’ll sail away with the legacy on my guitar case,
singin’ your eulogy,
and I hope you can float on top of your millions.
Track Name: Me and Your Ghost

Cardboard and wood strewn across the floor,
damn stove won’t fire up anymore.
You know it’s getting cold out when the wasps come down to walk.
Look at them bottles piled up in the sink.
Honey, you haven’t missed any miracles here.
I traded in my weightlessness for this bitter chair I’m sitting in.

All this longing keeps me high.
I dreamed up all them stars, could’ve been bright
like Orion thrown from a winter’s night
on some foreign coast.

Sick of hanging around,
sick of hanging around,
I’m sick of hanging around,
just me and your ghost.

Bought me a little house just outside of town.
It’s perfect for one, but two’s a crowd.
That’s alright with me for now
‘cuz I don’t see you around
except for everywhere, I mean your ghost,
it follows me down
into my dreams when I sleep,
she’s up in the morning.

Cardboard and wood strewn across the floor,
damn stove won’t fire up anymore.
You know it’s getting cold out when the wasps come down to walk.
Look at them bottles piled up in the sink.
Honey, you haven’t missed any miracles here.
Just me and an old friend, and we’re sharin’ a drink.