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Bill Hook
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Bill Hook Really cool release, equal parts dark, melodic, soulful and gritty.

Not a Country fan by any means but this just really hits the spot for me. Favorite track: I'll Be There For You.
Skosh thumbnail
Skosh Holy hell, this is fantastic. Gothic Country/Dark Americana...every song is great. Favorite track: Resurrection.
Mike Samek
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Mike Samek I first heard "Mary Rose" and the Gasoline Lollipops over the radio while on a business trip to Colorado recently. Such a fresh and original take on country music, I was hooked right away. - This is coming from someone who doesn't usually listen to country types of music. Great band. Favorite track: Mary Rose.
grste2141 thumbnail
grste2141 I actually haven't heard the entire record yet, but from what I know of the previous releases, it's gonna rock me. Favorite track: Love Is Free.
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    "Resurrection" is the third and final installment in the Gasoline Lollipops' Lucky 7 Trilogy, and the band's debut LP.

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The third and final installment of the Gasoline Lollipops' Lucky 7 Trilogy, "Resurrection" is the Boulder, Colorado alt-country band's debut LP.


released February 14, 2017

Produced by John McVey

Clay Rose - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Brad Morse - upright bass
Don Ambory - electric guitar
Adam Perry - drums
Jeb Bows - fiddle

Additional musicians:
Alexandra Schwan - backup vocals
Ben Gallagher - keys
Jonny Mouser - drums on "Homesick Remedy"
Christian Teele - drums on "Mary Rose," "Santa Maria" and "I'll Be There For You"



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Gasoline Lollipops Boulder, Colorado

Gasoline Lollipops is an alt-country band from Colorado that combines the sincerity of modern folk with the energy and rebelliousness of punk. The result is an all-new incarnation of alt-country that is both high-energy and heartfelt, like the American highway's soundtrack. ... more


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Track Name: Resurrection
Rollin’ down a freeway, with my heart chained in my lover’s arms. I can’t see straight; the night’s too late and I’ve come too far. For rest, I detest anything less than an all-out rush to the end; and may the best man win the worst man’s sin. Rollin’ down a side road with a pistol on the dash. A true man will kill for a lady; only sick men kill for cash. Past times and traditions I once loved now give me the creeps, like poundin’ my foot on a floorboard or shakin’ my head at sleep. Like a cigarette explodin’ on concrete of a moonlit street, colossal it hit but still stayed lit. Sounds like resurrection to me. Rollin’ down a stormy sky, lookin’ God right in his evil eye, I have to ask why I’m bein’ treated treacherously. Maybe it’s ‘cuz of those hearts I stole, or my signature in the Devil's book of souls, or maybe none of this has to do with me. The bulb is broken at the top of the stairway, but I can still see the pillow where her hair lay. The pistol is hot in my hand and the trigger burns my fingers as the bullets get bigger. But I, the victim, the true love’s soldier, believe that innocence lies in the eyes of the beholder. There's two hot bullets in my lady’s chamber; I’ve been shot and replaced by a stranger. Halfway to Heaven, midway up her stairs, now I’m haulin’ ass to Hell in an electric chair. My lover sleeps soft, through a cold long season, on a teetering loft of my broken love’s treason. Don’t ask me why; it must have been the lullaby I sang to to her while she was freezing.
Track Name: Mary Rose
Down past Leiper’s Fork where the Harpeth bends, Mary Rose came to her end with a watermelon pit in her mouth. Her pale blue eyes were open wide and the snowflakes fell inside. High above her gaze, in the sky so grey, the last heron flew south. That seed it cracked, as the sky turned black, and it slid on down her throat. The moon did rise to say goodbye; a whippoorwill delivered the note. As her body sank on that muddy bank, a sprout rose through her teeth. A tear did slide from the corner of her eye; the world watched in disbelief. Yeah the fire rolls away when there ain't nothing left to burn. Well, those clouds roll in when summer ends, and the roses wilt in turn. The more you gave the more it took and it just ain't fair, I know. But at least before you went to sleep, you brought a dream right into this world, yeah, Mary Rose. As dawn came on, a little boy’s song broke upon the Harpeth shore, at the place where Mary Rose once laid; but her body laid there no more. Instead a watermelon vine with fruit so fine, like emeralds in the snow they shone. Little Jackson Rose picked the best of those, and it tasted just like home.
Track Name: Drink My Fill
It's hard making friends when nobody's there. It's just a sidewalk full of mirrors and vacant stares. It's hard to share your thoughts when nobody cares except the creepy psychotherapists selling their wares. And it's hard to hear my heart above all this noise. It's hard to keep filling the void with drugs and toys. But right now there ain't nothing that I wouldn't sell, if for just one night I could dim the lights of this hell. I'd take back every wasted tip and every drop that I ever spilled. I'd walk right back to that bar and drink my fill. It's late and the bars are closing in on me. But here you come, giving me reason to believe. So, the morning light is dancing in your eyes; but deep inside I know the sun will never rise. Now it's late again and the bars are made of steel, and I'm praying again to something that just ain't real.
Track Name: Homesick Remedy
All that I've known so far
Have been highways, churches, jails, and bars
But they've rounded me well
They showed me Heaven and Hell
But the God of which they tell
Was in neither cloud nor flame

So I made up a God inside my head
But pretty soon it felt like it made me up instead
I hung its picture on the wall
One day there was nothing there at all
Just shadows of rainfall
In an empty frame

I had home on my mind
I guess it just takes some time
To realize where I went blind
To see that home that I seek
Is in every line of my cheek
So now I smile every time
I pass another mileage sign
Say, “That's that home of mine”

It was in Big Sur I lost my shoes
In a poker game to a pretty dame who traded me the blues
I took ‘em with me all the way
To that blue Manzanillo Bay
It was there they stayed
Burning in the fire

Now the road seems to shift and swerve
Every time I think I'll finally get what I deserve
Some say you are what you earn
I say you're nothing if you ain't learned
That who you are
Can never be for hire

When you got home on your mind
I guess it just takes some time
To realize where you went blind
To see that home that you seek
Is in every line of your cheek
So now you smile every time
You pass another mileage sign
Say, “That's that home of mine!”
Track Name: Jesus Ain't Dead
Jesus ain't dead; he's asleep home in bed and Elvis is cookin' him eggs. Hendrix and Joplin went out to go shoppin'; they'll be home before noon with the digs. And all of God's children are out busy building an ark, for to sail on the flood. But them wafers ain't meat; they're just made of wheat; no one ever got drunk off of blood. So pass that wine around, my friends, redemption will just have to wait. We'll be drunk by the time this world comes to an end, and I'll see you at the old pearly gates. Yeah, Kurt Cobain, he's snorting cocaine with Jim Morrison at the bar. Their supper's getting cold, and Elvis said, "I done told them." Jesus said, "This time they've gone too far." And all of God's legends are out busy pledging their souls to the path of the past. But Jimi and Jim, Kurt and Janis Joplin all laugh loud, but the kings both laugh last.
Track Name: I'll Be There For You
I'm not a rich man. In fact, I'm a vagabond. But after the princes have gone to chase off their blues and left you with yours, I'll be there for you. I have no weapons. I haven't much muscle or might. But after the war mongers' fight has put blood in the moon, and it fills your whole night, I'll be there for you. I'm not a fall guy, but I can see through this flesh. So I no longer fear death, for if I am to die and to fade into blue, it will be of your sky; it will be of you. Shadows come and go just like rainbows after the storm. And halos ain't made of gold; they're made up of all the sweet petals you've grown. And they're stitched up with thorns, and bound by the balance they've sworn.
Track Name: Hard Times
Bare feet on the hardwood floor,
ice on the window and wind through the door;
she got up before the sun today.
Black hair flowing down her back,
train whistle blowing from the track
and it leads her mind away.

And she thinks about the times when the dreams filled her mind;
now the dreams are filling up her heart.
And it comes to her somehow; she don't need diamonds now.
In the hard times, she's found love.

Bed springs push him to his feet;
smells from the kitchen, it's time to eat.
He remembers the night as the day begins.
He slips upon her like a playful child;
she turns around and they both smile,
and the train whistle blows again.

And he thinks about the times when the dreams filled his mind;
now the dreams are filling up his heart.
And it comes to him somehow; he don't need diamonds now.
In the hard times, he's found love.

They're singing, "Hungry wolves stay away from our door;
we're not afraid of the hard times anymore.
It don't matter what's going down;
we've got plenty to go around.
Love's the only thing we're banking on.
Through all the struggling years we've known,
somehow the feelings of love have grown;
our hearts were never overdrawn."

They're singing, "Hungry wolves stay away from our door;
we're not afraid of the hard times anymore.
It don't matter what's going down;
we've got plenty to go around.
In the hard times, we’ve found love.
Yes, in the hard times, we’ve found love.
Yes, in the hard times, we’ve found love."
Track Name: Vanilla Baby
Remember back when you were 15? Like the rest of the girls, obsessed with James Dean. You had liquor on your lips and tears in your eyes, all for the sake of a fake man's lies. I was living the life of a cul de sac; I had 18 years strapped to my back. I wanted nothing more than to break the mold, but you broke me first; you were just 15 years old. The next time I saw you, your halo was bent. Your room was filled with dried roses that your lovers had sent. Like the rest of your friends, I was full of shit. Like the rest of the drugs, you were so hard to quit. Vanilla Baby, tequila made you crazy. The love marks you gave me made you seem more animal than lady. Now how many days have passed since then? Well, nobody knows. But the weather in my face surely shows. And I can't remember where I've been since then, but I always knew where you were. I saw your smile on every passing mile, that's for sure, but everything else is just a blur. There's a satellite in orbit, black holes might absorb it, asteroids might break its bones. But your gravity is pulling me like the moon pulls the sea; I'll always make it home. Stars fall like rain here; the lovers just disappear. So hold fast to me, Dear, the future is near. And time slips forever more, as your slip falls to the floor. Sweat slips from every pore. This is what I live for.
Track Name: Love Is Free
When you sent me packing down that Green River Valley, I knew that if you couldn't then no one would have me. I lost myself drinkin' with those stray dogs in the alleys 'til the whiskey soaked my bones. The night it came on cold, blowing off that muddy river. I felt so goddamned old I didn't have the strength to shiver. The moon was swallowed whole and when the sky spit back that sliver I knew I had to go it alone. Love is free, so take all you can. Just don't ask me to be the bigger man, ‘cause I'm all spent; yeah, you took all I had. But living the good life made me bad. Go on, chase that girl; go on, get that money. Go on, break the world; I know you think it's full of honey. Maybe someday I'll look back and think it's funny how you always had to burn it down. But right now in the ashes, choking on the smoke, I find it hard to grasp this great big cosmic joke. I'm squinting through the tears and years of lies and hope. But I know you ain't comin' back around. Love is free, so take all you can. I won't ask you to be the bigger man, ‘cause you're all spent; you gave all you had. But living the good life, brother, made you bad. Devil below and God above, take all your armies from my blood. Show me what I'm really made of. More than fear? More than love? And set me free! I've done all I can. Just don't ask me to be the bigger man, ‘cause I'm all spent; I gave all I could. But living the bad life, brother, feels too good.

Track Name: Good Place To Hide
I don't know where I am. All I see is where I'm from. All that I do is all that I've done. There's an echo inside me; I'm lost in its ring. There's no angel to hide me from what it will bring, just more of the same old story, old game, old lie...But it's a good place to hide. Who you gonna call for help when your well runs dry? You know you gotta save yourself so just climb inside, 'cuz it's a good place to hide. This world's made of money. My heart's made of glass. This moment is precious, but it's chained to the past. And even though I try, I can't let go. So I just hold on and dream of tomorrow. But it just brings more of the same old story, old game, old lie...But it's a good place to hide. I've lost my wife and hurt my kid, but today I'm gonna pay for the things I did. If I don't shake this off, I'm dead. Same old ghost, new town; same old jokes, old clown. If I could, I'd burn this down; but there's no fire in the world like the one inside, no sea so deep as the one I've cried. To quench my thirst, God knows I've tried. But so it goes, and now I know that there's no place to hide.
Track Name: Santa Maria
Santa Maria, I need your blessings. Please guide my hand and my gun. You’ve seen my sweet señorita and I in deep caressing. Now if I don’t save my love, mamasita, your boy is done. I admit, she’s not in the purest of professions, but she’s got nothing but her body left to sell. And with your help, I was planning to get her into confession, and send the dirty dog that holds her straight to Hell. But shhhhh, Santa Maria......Don’t tell. The people step aside as I come down the street; they can tell by my look that I’m looking for heat. My black hair’s back and there’s spurs on my feet; a six gun’s the only tongue I got that speaks. And everybody knows who I came here for; the name “Sand Man” hangs on his door. And everybody knows that I can’t afford to buy my love, so I’m stealing his whore. "Sand Man, come outside," I scream, "I’m hungry for your blood! I’m finding you guilty for the crime of putting a price on love. The penalty is death,” I say, "Come on and beat it if you can.” The door swings wide; the children hide. Santa Maria, hold my hand! “Are you talking to me?” he says, “I can’t believe your cahones, never mind the gun that you’re pointing at me, hombre. You've gotta lotta nerve, son, comin’ to serve some death warrant to the fastest gun in the desert. But never mind that now; it's too late to go back. You’re gonna die for your angel and there’s honor in that. Though I should probably let you know that there’s only whores here. You’ll die anyway. Oh well, vivir es morir!” I pull my pistol quick and I let go a few loud shots. The adrenalin runs like razors and my stomach’s all in knots. I’m choking on the gun smoke and I’m trying not to believe that the Sand Man’s lead is lodged inside me, and there’s blood running down my sleeve. Santa Maria, I feel I’m dying. My soul’s as empty as my pockets. Santa Maria, is that you crying? I feel the world roll just like my eyes in their sockets. What’s this now? I don’t know how there’s light coming up behind the one that shot me down. Lift my head up off the ground, to see the Sand Man turning around. There’s a gun at his head, staring him down, held tightly in my señorita’s hand. "Tu erés el diablo. Adios, Sand Man...” CLICK BANG! Now I’m leaning on my girl as I stagger down the street; I never thought death was something I could ever cheat. But the bullet in my shoulder hurts every time I hold her; it reminds me of Maria and all I owe her. I am just a poor boy from north Michuacan. Now we live in Saulitas; we have both retired our guns. And the bullet near my heart forever reminds me of that day, when Santa Maria shouted loud as a gunshot just to say, "LOVE SAVES!”